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Shared Web Hosting in Bangladesh is one of the most popular and favoured options when it comes to website management. With the surge of businesses moving to the online community, It is imperative that you get a website and create a web presence to boost the chances of your business. But with a hosting service, you can get your website on to the web in no time and start your online operations in a flash. HostDokan brings you the best options for you to make sure that you get your website operations going easily. The web hosting services from HostDokanare easily the best options you need.

With the rising need for websites and online presence, web hosting services are in demand at a high rate. But most people are having to rely on foreign services for their web hosting needs. So if you can capitalize on giving the small-scale websites with small shared web hosting services then you can cut a good profit. That is why you should go for a reseller service web hosting plan. You can be an online entrepreneur if you can get the best reseller hosting option. HostDokanā€™s offerings for Reseller Hosting can give you that edge in your web hosting journey.


1. How many plans are there for web hosting under HostDokan?
Ans: There are a total of 8 plans under shared web hosting packages. The plans vary in services and volume of services.

2. Is there FTP support for shared web hosting packages?
Ans: Across the 8 shared hosting packages, the packages offer FTP accounts to every plan for shared hosting. The maximum number of FTP accounts is 80 among the packages.

3. How many email accounts are in the HostDokan shared hosting plans?
Ans: The email accounts in the HostDokan shared hosting services has no limits. You can use an unlimited number of email accounts in the plans.

4. Is there any admin panel in the shared hosting options from HostDokan?
Ans: There is an admin panel in HostDokan web hosting plans. It is the top-tier cPanel support. You can get cPanel throughout all the packages.

5. What kind of storage does the HostDokan Shared Hosting have?
Ans: HostDokan Shared Hosting services have the fastest storage for the price. You get SSD type of storage and they are available in all of the plans.

Why choose to host with us?

EasTo Use Control Panel

Website management made simple with cPanel, the worlds #1 web hosting control panel and is included free on all plans.

Free SSL certificate

A FREE SSL certificate can be applied to every domain hosted under Our Server; enables you to use https:// on your websites at no extra cost.

24/7 Technical Support

Enjoy fast access to our friendly and competent support engineers. Available for you via FQA & Ticket.

Looking for a custom solution?

Our technicians can provide you with the best custom made solutions on the market, no matter whether you're a small business or large enterprise.

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